Specified commercial transactions
Marketing establishment   PassTime Inc.
Name of responsible official   Hiroshi Nishikawa
Main office   4-3-12-508 Hikonari Misatoshi Saitama 341-0003 Japan
Business site   Grandir Seven 903 2-1-1 Misato Misatoshi Saitama 341-0024 Japan
TEL/FAX   81-48-951-7852
Product selling price   Description about product fees
Reference retail price 10,500 JPY (inclusive of tax)
As it depends upon the ceremonial hall to be used, please inquire us with written description of the ceremonial hall you would like to use.
Other fees than the product: Shipping cost 630JPY flat rate (inclusive of tax)
Fee for COD terms   If the purchase price is;
Less than 10,000 JPY, then 315 JPY(inclusive of tax)
No less than 10,000 JPY, then 420 JPY(inclusive of tax)
Time of deliver   If a single unit or more is available in the stock, the product is usually delivered within 24 to 48 hours.
Please make note that there are cases where unusual time of delivery is applied after your order has been booked due to reasons such as lack of stock and expected model change, which please understand.
Should you wish to know more detailed information about the time of delivery, please contact us.
Method of payment   Cash On Delivery / Bank Transfer
Time of payment   Upon purchase of the product / COD: Cash on Delivery
About returning the product purchased   In principle, no return of your purchase shall be permissible except for reasons attributable to us such as defective or damaged product, which please be forewarned.

Due to the peculiarity of access through personal computer or information terminal, the product in the photo will differ in the actual tone of color, which please keep note in advance.

In case where the return of the product is deemed permissible and you wish to return it, we may accept it only when you have so requested over the phone or through email within 1 week from the date of delivery (the delivery date designated at the time of delivery arrangement), and under the condition that it be returned in the manner of delivery to be designated by us (in terms of delivery company, insurance, etc.) and that the package be kept unopened, unused, and handled as well as stored properly.
All costs involved in the return of product (including the both-way postage, insurance fee, packing fee, etc.) shall be your responsibility. We shall refund your payment for the product after the product will have been returned, inspected, and confirmed by our company. (The refund money will be remitted to your bank account).
Cancellation of order   Once your order has been booked, no cancellation will be permissible except for a reason attributable to us.